Steel Plate is fitness facility that offers fitness classes led by expert coaches whose desire is to help members succeed in their fitness journey. We combine cardio, strength, gymnastics, agility, balance, mobility and so much more. Try out our family for free to see how we can help you. Please call to set up your complimentary session.


The greatest workout achieving the greatest results. Combining cardio, strength, gymnastics, agility, balance, speed and much more!

  • Unlimited: access to all programs and open gyms
  • RX: access to 12 crossfit classes
  • Starter: access to 8 crossfit classes

Olympic Lifting

Improving proficiency and strength in the Olympic Lifts with Patience, Mechanics, Consistency, Strength and Intensity.

  • Olympic Lifting: access to Olympic lifting classes

Steel Body Fit

High energy involving functional body weight movements along with light to moderate loads.

  • Steel Body Fit/Cordio: access to all Steel Body Fit/Cordio classes

High School Strength & Conditioning

Improving how young athletes move along with injury prevention. Building mechanics, strength and conditioning to improve athletic performance.

Personal Training

Individual programs designed for each specific individual to help them reach their personal goals. While working one on one with one of our expert coaches.